Why Should I Get an Annual Wellness Visit?

An annual wellness visit, or AWV, is an appointment with your primary care provider to help you prevent illness and monitor risk factors. Even if you’re feeling perfectly healthy, visiting your primary care provider at least once a year is important. For those over 65, that number increases.

These tips will help you make the most of your annual wellness visit.

  • Make the most of your visit. Doctors allocate more time to their annual wellness visit appointments. Take advantage of the time to discuss ways to create a healthier lifestyle, prevent illness, and any other questions you have.
  • Be prepared. Before you go to your annual visit, put together a list of your medications, including dosage and frequency. It’s recommended that you bring all pill bottles with you to the appointment. Writing down any new symptoms you’re experiencing will help you remember to talk about everything happening.
  • Don’t forget your mental health. Certain illnesses, medications, and environments can cause mental health challenges. If you are feeling depressed, anxious, or having other trouble with your emotions, be open and honest with your doctor. Talking with your provider is the first step to feeling better.
  • Keep them in the loop. Remember to bring any test results or medical records from any specialist appointments you’ve had since your last primary care appointment.

The most valuable medical appointment you will have is your annual wellness visit. The extended, in-depth visit will keep you proactive in your wellness journey and allow your care team to partner with you on your healthcare plan.

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