About Complete Health

Patient-Focused Primary Care

As a physician-driven, patient-centric primary care group, Complete Health separates itself from others by offering services designed to make your life easier, including specialized senior programs.

Primary care doctors who drive good health through engagement and access

Complete Health focuses on personalized healthcare designed just for you. As a value-based care provider, our team provides health care designed to focus on quality care, provider performance, and patient experience. This results in greater care coordination across specialists and hospitals and a patient-centered approach, including your physical, mental, and social needs.

Our Patient Engagement Center in your area is where Member Support Representatives can address your questions, connect you with benefit specialists to understand your coverage better, and provide educational events.

Dedicated support for patients

Member Support Representatives are employed by Complete Health – not health insurance companies – and are your resource for tying your health plan with your primary care provider. They will make sure you understand the benefits and services available to you. They will inform you about events that provide valuable insight, information, and resources.

You want medical care that addresses your complete health, ensuring you stay happy, healthy, and active. With innovative technology and a personal touch, your Complete Health provider is equipped to provide you superior care.

Complete Health Leadership