ACO Public Reporting Information

ACO Name & Location

Complete Health Accountable Care LLC
841 Prudential Drive, Suite 1700
Jacksonville, FL 32207

ACO Primary Business Contact

Christian Long

Organizational Information

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Joint Ventures

No ACO participants are involved in a joint venture between ACO professionals and preferred providers.

ACO Clinical and Administrative Leadership

Name Position Company
Jeff Preuss, CEOACO ExecutiveComplete Health
John Farley, MDMedical DirectorComplete Health
Tracie MorrisCompliance OfficialComplete Health
Victoria WilsonQuality Assurance and Improvement OfficerComplete Health

ACO Governing Body

Name Position Status Company
John Farley, MDBoard Member/ ChairmanDCE Participant ProviderComplete Health
Stephen Giorgianni, DOBoard Member/ Vice ChairmanDCE Participant ProviderComplete Health
Ronald Helms, MDBoard Member/TreasurerDCE Participant ProviderComplete Health
Jeff PreussBoard Member/CEOAdvisor and CEO to the DCEComplete Health
Christian LongBoard Member/SecretaryAdvisor to the DCEComplete Health
Claude ChevanceBoard Member/Executive DirectorAdvisor & Chief Financial OfficerComplete Health
Michael BarrettBoard MemberAdvisor to the DCECollaborative Health Systems
Associated Committees & Committee Leadership
Finance Committee: Claude Chevance
Quality Initiatives Committee: John Farley, MD
Compliance Committee: Tracie Morris
Amount of Shared Savings / Losses
Complete Health Accountable Care did not participate in the DCE Program in the previous performance year.
How Shared Savings are Distributed
Reinvest in infrastructure: 20%
Investment in redesigned care processes/resources: 40%
ACO participants: 40%