Complete Health 360

Reduce stress and improve your quality of life with a free Complete Health 360 Review.

The Complete Health Difference

A Complete HealthTM 360 Review provides Medicare-eligible patients access to specialized services including an exclusive Member Support Representative (MSR). Our MSRs can help you reduce daily anxiety by identifying resources to make your life easier. We'll help you with:

  • Expensive medications
  • Transportation to and from appointments
  • Assistance with special health care needs
  • Finding specialists in your insurance network
  • Answers about Medicare and Medicare Advantage

Our Member Support Representatives are your resource for tying your health plan with your primary care provider at Complete Health . They will make sure you understand your benefits and services available to you when you become a patient. They will keep you informed with events designed to provide you with valuable insight, information, and resources.

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See what our patients have to say...

Today was my first of many visits to Complete Health - Ormond Beach. It was very comforting to have staff treat me like family. Dr. Kinne and Jeanette are fantastic. They both took time to listen and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Other Medical Professionals could learn a great deal from them.

Complete Health - Ormond Beach East

Danielle and Casey are absolutely amazing. Couldn't ask for a better team to handle my health. They are the best!

Complete Health - Orange City

Best experience with a new physician I have ever had. Dr. Leong and her nurse Karen are phenomenal. I’m so pleased with my new doctor. I look forward to years of interaction.

Complete Health - Greystone

My experience with Nicole Carmen has been absolutely wonderful. From the minute you walk in the door you are greeted in a wonderful way by the receptionist while in there the nurse on staff is absolutely amazing she speaks with you and is always happy to see you!!

Complete Health - Ormond Beach West