Cari Heiberger- Member Support Representative

“I consider myself a concierge for my patients, making sure that all their needs are met when they come to our practice.”

A kind heart and deep compassion led Cari from the mental health field to stay-at-home parenting to substitute teaching to practice office management and marketing. She is always looking for ways to help improve other people’s lives. So, when Complete Health asked her to take on the role of MSR at BIMA in Birmingham, she accepted it gladly.

In her role as MSR, she’s saved patients hundreds of dollars a month on medications, served as a problem solver with insurance companies, switched the practice’s referral to another specialist when she’s discovered the current specialist wasn’t providing stellar results for her patient and driven a patient’s automated wheelchair across the street to his residence when he had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance.

She also enjoys the opportunity to be creative with event planning for patients, recently hiring a chef to attend a Valentine's Party and teach patients to cook healthy recipes. Cari has been a dancer for 15 years and runs and rides her bike to serve as a great model for healthy living.

Cari assists patients at:

Cari Heiberger

Cari Heiberger

Metro Birmingham