Kimberly Hydrick – Member Support Representative

“Finding a primary care physician and care team for patients and their families - one that will guide them for years to come when the going may get tougher - is where quality care begins.”

Kimberly has worked in the healthcare community for over 15 years in the metro-Birmingham area and loves how her role helps patients receive the best quality care.  Healthcare can be overwhelming and confusing to navigate, and Kimberly believes we all need an advocate to help. Formerly, Kimberly has worked in pharmaceutical education, where she sought to improve patients’ understanding of their medication and its importance. She has also served in customer care roles for surgical and wound care medical devices, giving her a wealth of knowledge that allows her to help reduce patient and family stress when home-care and home health services may be needed.

Kimberly is a family-oriented person who served as a caretaker for her grandmother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s. This gave her first-hand experience in knowing the kind of support seniors and their families often need. This passion for patient empowerment and service to our senior population led Kimberly to the primary field, where she is proud to serve as a Member Support Representative.

In her free time, Kimberly loves to coach gymnastics and cheerleading, attend sports events, and spend time with her nieces and nephew.

Kimberly assists patients at:

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Kimberly Hydrick

Metro Birmingham