We all know that children are one of the most critical parts of many of our lives; their medical care should be handled with just as much care. At Complete Health’s Simon-Williamson Clinic, we have a skilled complement of qualified and experienced pediatricians to help your child stay happy and healthy.

The Importance of Pediatric Care

Pediatric care is an essential part of childhood health. Pediatricians typically cover persons from birth to a maximum of 21 years of age. Most patients would opt to continue seeing their pediatrician as a primary care health provider, as they are familiar with their doctor from a young age.

No one understands the needs of a growing child better than their parents and the child’s primary physician. When a child is ill or struggling with anything at school or in their day-to-day life, it might be worthwhile consulting with your pediatrician in Birmingham, Alabama.

Pediatric Services 

Most pediatricians or pediatric units within clinics offer several comprehensive services. The most common services that pediatricians offer fall under several categories.

New Baby Wellness Checks

These vital wellness checks ensure that your newborn baby is thriving and reaching milestones. These regular examinations are scheduled during office hours; they do not replace emergency care. If you feel that your baby requires urgent care, you can opt for a same-day appointment.

Typical checkups will involve an examination and discussion with you as parents. Your pediatrician will also provide any necessary information regarding immunizations, the following milestones your baby should achieve, and follow-up checkups at each appointment.

General Checkups

Once your baby becomes a toddler, your pediatrician can help support you through every step as well as guide you through your child’s health. Our team of pediatricians provides exceptional medical care and advice for children of all ages.

General checkups in the exam room ensure your child is generally healthy and thriving. These well-visits are often quick and painless; if your doctor notices anything of concern, they will keep you informed and work with you to improve your child’s health where necessary.

Specialized Care

Specialized care in pediatrics can sometimes feel complicated or stressful, both for the child and the parents. The friendly staff at Simon-Williamson Clinic has years of experience providing compassionate and skilled care for some of the most complex pediatric medical conditions.

Our team of doctors and support staff can help you make the most educated decisions and provide exceptional medical care for your child’s health.


There are two types of physicals that your child might need throughout their childhood.

  • School Physicals – This yearly check ensures that your school-going child is healthy. These are particularly helpful for teenagers.
  • Sports Physicals – Children with pre-existing or prior injuries or medical conditions might require a physical clearance from an experienced doctor to clear them to play sports. These physicals ensure that your child will be able to take part without putting their health at risk.