Leading X-Ray technology that’s accurate and safe

An X-ray produces an image of the bones and structures inside of your body. It is a quick, painless test, performed by passing X-ray beams through your body. The rays are absorbed in different amounts depending on how dense the material is that it passes through. Our X-ray equipment and the technologists using it go through routine certification processes, ensuring that your doctor is receiving high-quality images while providing you with a safe, comfortable experience.

If you are pregnant or suspect that you may be pregnant, tell your doctor before having an X-ray. While the risk of most X-ray tests to an unborn baby is small, your doctor may choose a different imaging study.

What to expect during an X-ray

  • Most X-ray tests require you undress the part of your body requiring examination. A gown may be worn during an exam depending on which area is being X-rayed.
  • You may be asked to remove any metal objects on your person, such as jewelry or eyeglasses, as these can show up on an X-ray image, distorting the intended view.
  • The technologist performing your X-ray will position your body to obtain the necessary views, possibly using props like pillows or wooden blocks to help you maintain a certain position.
  • You will be asked to remain still, possibly holding your breath for a few seconds, to avoid moving in the moment the image is being captured.
  • Most X-ray procedures take only a few minutes from start to finish, and the image is captured in a matter of seconds.
  • You cannot feel an X-ray, and routine X-rays typically have no side effects.