Donald Washer – Member Support Representative

“I bring empathy and consideration to my role as a patient advocate. The personal touch needs to be there, and I’m able to have that at Complete Health.”

Donald has always been drawn to patient advocacy. In fact, he was the first male candy striper at Mercy Hospital in Miami. For the next 30 years, he worked behind the scenes for pharmacies, helping patients get financial assistance for the services and medications they needed.

Since joining Complete Health in 2019, Donald has loved the face-to-face aspects of patient advocacy and all the opportunities it offers. He works to establish relationships based on trust, empathy, respect and humanity that enable him to move our patients forward on their road to wellness.

Donald will always go the extra mile, helping a hospitalized patient find a pet sitter, walking a patient to his car, or even tying a shoe. He wants all patients to be able to afford their medical insurance and medications. So, when he goes up against insurance or drug companies, his motto is, “If you’re not authorized to give me a yes, I’m not going to accept a no.”

Donald assists patients at:


Donald Washer

DeLand & Orange City