Elaine Wait – Member Support Representative

“I just love talking with patients, helping them out and finding resources for them.”

Elaine comes from a long history of patient advocacy, starting at Humana providing support and social services for customers in the state of Florida. After 20 years, she moved to a nursing home where she got to serve patients directly. She left to run a home care agency, where she advocated for caregivers as well as patients and developed support groups throughout the county.

Fifteen years after she left Humana, the company hired her back as a Certified Community Health Worker to support Medicaid patients, connecting them to needed resources, including housing, bill paying, food, and clothing. Elaine joined Complete Health in April 2019.

One of her favorite experiences has been to help a patient who only had Medicare Part A coverage for 10 years get Part B and Part D. When Elaine discovered that her patient qualified for Medicaid, she provided her with an MA plan that cost her nothing. She also got the patient coverage for a home caregiver, taking weight off the patient’s as well as the family members’ shoulders. The patient’s out-of-state daughter couldn’t have been more grateful.

Elaine assists patients at:

Elaine Wait-Lo Res

Elaine Wait

Ormond Beach/Metro Daytona