Gynecology & Obstetrics

Obstetrics and gynecology are two specialized medical fields that focus on caring for the needs of women and expectant mothers. The highly trained team of OBGYNs and specialist care physicians at Complete Health offer a full suite of services aimed at ensuring you get the very best care no matter your unique circumstances.

Gynecology & Obstetrics

Excellent care is vital for women in every stage of life. OBGYN care starts with a consultation: From there, your doctor will offer you a personal treatment plan. The doctors at Complete Health in Alabama provide a full range of services for safe, effective, and comprehensive women’s health.

Gynecology practice focuses on female reproductive health. Typically, providers offer an array of services directed at cancer screening, menstruation, contraception, available contraceptive options, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), issues with fertility, and hormone disorders. Gynecologists also help their patients navigate life changes such as puberty, pregnancy, and menopause.

Range of Services and Personal Attention Care

At the Complete Health’s Simon-Williamson Clinic Well-Woman Suite, we offer a wide range of services that can help you address any concerns or issues, right from diagnostics to treatments. These include:

  • Pregnancy and prenatal care;
  • Contraceptive option;
  • Diagnostics and basic procedures;
  • Management of conditions: Urinary incontinence, weight loss, PCOS, and premalignant conditions;
  • Reproductive tract treatment of benign conditions: Vulvar, breast, and vaginal disorders—as well as ulcers, ovarian cysts and fibroids, and non-cancerous changes;
  • Labor and delivery: Specialist care during and after delivery, monitoring services for low-to-high-risk pregnancy, and health care for mother and fetus;
  • Counseling for pregnant women or parents who suffer a loss;
  • Post-delivery and well-mother visits;
  • Mammograms and ultrasounds for annual examinations.

When it comes to women’s health in Birmingham, Alabama, unique circumstances inform practice. Whether for regular check-ups or standard or advanced care programs, at Simon-Williamson, every effort is made to ensure that you get the personal attention and care you deserve and that your needs are continually met.

Obstetric Health Care & Midwifery

Complete Health’s Simon-Williamson Clinic is the only OBGYN practice in Birmingham, Alabama, that offers a full midwifery suite. Our team of skilled and trained midwives provides some of the most progressive midwifery packages to cater to your prenatal, low-risk vaginal delivery, post-partum, and well-woman care.

Our midwifery model of OBGYN care is a continuous, compassionate partnership practice—where your life experiences and knowledge are always considered. Every patient plan is tailored to the individual and offers patient-led care that’s backed by expertise and experience. These make for the best healing outcomes for women’s care and health in Birmingham, Alabama.

Our Obstetric Promise

The specialist team of OBGYN midwives and physicians honors the care women deserve in every life stage. We believe in empowering parents-to-be and aim for low-intervention birth where able. We strive to use the utmost care for our patients and only resort to certain technology and/or interventions when necessary. Through consultation, collaboration, and means of medical referral, we seek to provide optimal obstetrics care for our patients.

Lactation Services

Complete Health’s Simon-Williamson Clinic is a strong supporter of lactation and breastfeeding journeys. Our OBGYN suite is set up to ensure that the breastfeeding relationship between mother and infant is fully supported—with supporting help from our licensed physicians: Dr. Sahlie, Dr. Cooper, and Sheila Lopez, CNM, our certified lactation counselors.

Our CNM center will do its due diligence to ensure that you get a same-day appointment for any lactation consultations in Birmingham, Alabama.

Personalized Attention At Simon-Williamson Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama

Each of our attention services in Birmingham, AL, operates to ensure our patients are happy, healthy, and well cared for. At Simon-Williamson Clinic, we understand that gynecology is a personal medical matter and that our clients value discretion and patient-first health care. Our physicians are skilled in many specialties regarding women’s health, and your OBGYN health and care are in good hands with us.

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