School / Work Physicals

School and work physicals

When it’s time for you to enroll in a new school or start a new job, you may be required to have a physical exam performed. Complete Health offers convenient and affordable options for school and work physicals at one of our locations that’s closest to you

We offer extended hours and make it easy to get in and out so you can focus on starting at your new school or job. You can feel confident that you’re ready for school or work by getting evaluated for any risk factors. 

What to expect during your school or work physical

Physical exams are crucial to your overall health and when you schedule your work or school exam, here’s what you and your doctor will cover: 

  1. Medical history: This includes talking about any past or current concerns, your lifestyle and behaviors such as smoking, diet, and exercise. We also review your vaccinations as well as your personal and family medical history.
  2. Vital signs check: We’ll take the time to check your respiration rate, heart and blood pressure, as well as your temperature and some other basic vitals based on your current health. 
  3. Overall appearance: Your doctor will perform a quick observation of your appearance, including skin, eyes, reflexes, as well as how you stand and walk. 

It is common to have lab tests performed during a school or work physical, which can include a urinalysis, blood count check, or chemistry panel. If your doctor finds cause for concern, additional tests may be requested.