Urgent Care

Complete Health has an expanded list of services to help our patients with urgent, non-threatening illnesses and conditions and keep them out of the hospital emergency room. Don’t let a painful condition or injury drive you to the E.R. unnecessarily. Complete Health takes care of your complete health – including the minor conditions, accidents, and the pains of everyday life.

Complete Health’s Urgent Care includes treatment for an extensive list of conditions and illnesses like bacterial and viral infections, chronic conditions, minor trauma like fractures and cuts and other acute issues. Urgent care services also include diagnostics like tests for Covid-19, flu, strep throat, fractures and bladder or urinary tract infections. Complete Health’s care providers also perform minor surgical procedures, wound healing, and care for skin issues. These services keep our patients healthy, safe and get them care more quickly than an emergency room – at a far less cost.

Patients with suspected life-threatening issues like pregnancy complications, severe burns or allergic reactions and cardiac conditions like stroke or heart attack should call 9-1-1 or go to their nearest emergency room.