Wellness Exams / Preventive Visits

Wellness Exams that keep you happy and healthy

Maintain a healthy lifestyle with wellness exams that include preventive screenings from your primary care physician. These preventive visits keep you in good health and avoid the potential for high out-of-pocket costs. At Complete Health, our wellness exams are personalized to your unique health factors and we take the time to answer any questions you may have. 

What to expect during your preventive care visit

Your primary care physician will ask you some basic questions about your current health and your family history. You’ll also review any past illnesses, procedures and chronic conditions to evaluate any health risks. 

You’ll also receive a physical exam, which includes using a stethoscope to listen to your heart and lungs, checking your vital signs, and examining your ears, eyes, nose, throat, abdomen and skin.

Your primary care provider may also conduct screenings based on your age, gender and health history, which may include:

  • Children ages 0-12 – Height/weight measurements, immunizations and developmental screenings and assessments
  • Adults – Cholesterol test and colon cancer screening
  • Women – Breast exam, pelvic screening and Pap test

Depending on the outcome of your exam, your doctor may provide some healthy lifestyle recommendations to promote ongoing wellness and reduce risk. 

How often should you have a wellness exam or physical?

Healthy adults generally only need to see their primary care doctor for a physical exam once per year. Doctor visits may be needed more frequently if you’re dealing with a chronic condition. Children, elderly people and women may need to see their doctor more often as well to ensure optimal health. 

To schedule your wellness exam and preventive visit, contact the Complete Health location nearest you.