Trust your practice to a primary care group that puts patients first

We believe your focus should be on your patients, not negotiating insurance contracts and handling back-office operations.


A physician-centric approach that leverages technology and research

Complete Health can help you provide the highest quality experience and outcomes for your patients while reducing your costs through coordinated care. With us, you'll be part of a collaborative team of primary care doctors and leaders that know how to leverage the latest technology to improve outcomes. Our proprietary tools, dashboards and artificial intelligence will optimize the performance of your practice and ensure each patient is receiving the best care available.

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We help tackle the toughest challenges for primary care physicians

In a RAND research study for the AMA, 50% of primary care physicians called their jobs “extremely stressful” and many said they were “burning out.” Complete Health addresses these challenges head-on and offers support with:

  • Government regulation and quality reporting
  • Changing reimbursement models and payer expectations
  • Administrative and staffing burdens
  • Lack of adequate time to focus fully on patient care
  • When I decide to retire, what happens to my patients and practice?

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Grow your practice with proven success strategies

Joining the Complete Health family allows you to adopt our productivity and outcome-based model to increase practice earnings. Improved payer contracts, world-class billing and collection processes and other incentives ensure your baseline compensation will be equal-to or better than it is currently. Here are some opportunities we help your practice create:

  • Ancillary & research participation pools
  • Value-based reimbursement (coding, quality, MEB, etc.)
  • Extender supervision
  • Physician practice recruitment incentives
  • Other research and clinical leadership opportunities

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